Warwick Tarboton (Foto) & Clemens M. Brandstetter (Text)

     (from Boudot & al. 2009:222): Zygonyx torridus is widespread in tropical Africa, Arabia and reaches India. In the Mediterranean it has a very patchy distribution. It has colonised the Canary Islands, where it is present in La Palma, La Gomera, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Perennial populations are present in Marocco, Spain and the Levant. Only single records are known from Tunisia, Sicily, southern Portugal and Turkey. Given its strong mobility, the paleomatic significance of the Mediterranean range of Z. torridus is not as evident as it is in sedentary species like North African Pseudagrion. Although the 'erarly Holocene relict interpretation' may still apply to this species, regular replenishment of the Mediterranean population by the tropical immigrants cannot be ruled out. 

     Società italiana per lo studio e la conservazione delle libellule.     

Der Sturzflieger, Zygonyx torridus (Kirby 1889), kommt von den Kanaren über Marokko bis in die Levante, die Emirate und auf der Insel Sokotra vor. Ein weiteres Vorkommen ist jenes im tropischen Afrika, Madagaskar bis Indien. Die Art lebt an schnell fliessenden Gewässern und Wasserfällen.      

Männchen vom Nwanedi River, Tshipise, South Africa.



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