Senegal Fee

© Clemens M. Brandstetter

     (from   Boudot & al. 2009:80): Pseudagrion torridum is an Afrotropical species reaching the north of Africa and the Sinai Peninsula through the Nile corridor. The population in the upper Jordan Valley was described as a poorly characterised and doubtful subspecies P. t. hulae Dumont, 1973.

Die Senegal-Fee, Pseudagrion torridum Selys 1876, ist ein afrotropischer Faunenbestandteil, der Nordafrika und das Jordan-Tal durch den Nil-Korridor erreicht. Die Art kommt ausschliesslich an Fliessgewässern vor.

Bei IUCN findet man folgende Information: "Only two populations of this subspecies in the upper Jordan river are known; there are no new records after 1982 (Dumont 1991; Schneider 1986, 2004). The area of occupancy is less than 500 km², even if new locations within the extent of occurrence are found. The species occurs in lacustrine environments and slow flowing sections of rivers. The lacustrine habitats have been (Lake Hulah) and are still being drained. The Levantine subspecies is important to help us understand the history of colonizations of the Levant by African freshwater organisms via the Nile and the Sinai (in this case not via the wadis of Arabia)."


Männchen aus Gabun – Foto: © Nicolas Mézière.



Boudot J.-P., V. J. Kalkman, M. Amorín, T. Bogdanović, A. Rivera,G. Degabriele, J.L. Dommanget, S. Ferreira, B. Garrigós, M. Jović, M. Kotarac, W. Lopau, M. Marinov, N. Mihoković, E. Riservato, B. Samraoui & W. Schneider 2009: Atlas of the Odonata of the Mediterranean and North Africa. – Libellula Supplement  9:1-256


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