Kretische Azurjungfer

© Clemens M. Brandstetter

     (from Boudot & al. 2009:48): Coenagrion intermedium is endemic to Crete, where it is relatively common all over the island. Although it is not presently threatened, the species is likely to decrease in the near future due to poor water management and changes in precipitation patterns related to climate change.

Die Kretische Azurjungfer, Coenagrion intermedium Lohmann 1990, kommt nur auf der Insel Kreta vor. Ursprünglich wurden die Tiere von Lohmann (1990) als ssp. von C. ponticum beschrieben; aufgrund der enormen Distanz (südliche Schwarzmeerküste) ist der Artrang sinnvoll und gerechtfertigt.

Auf den Seiten der IUCN finden sich folgende Hinweise und Forderungen: "C. intermedium has presumably declined as a result of rapid habitat destruction and degradation, human exploitation of water, water pollution, eutrophication and forest destruction. C. intermedium is threatened due to its restricted distribution and its few numbers of known localities (currently 13 places on nine streams). The current agricultural policy leads to the decrease of C. intermedium by allowing for and favouring the cultivation and irrigation of olive trees, the change of water regime of streams and streamlets and the destruction of bank side vegetation. Climatic change will also have a negative impact on breeding sites in the future, but this is already exacerbated by the increased water demand for agriculture and urbanized areas." Daher fordert man: "Control of water use and gallery forest preservation are required. The capture of springs and headwaters should be absolutely prohibited, whereas this kind of alteration clearly increases throughout Greece as a reaction to climate change. Erection of natural reserves involving the upper course of Cretan brooks is necessary. Mapping of populations is also needed, as current records are limited (only 13 from 1980 onwards)."     

Coenagrion intermedium

Insel Kreta – Foto: © Roger Blum.



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