Graue Nadel

© Clemens M. Brandstetter

     (from Boudot & al. 2009:167): Acisoma panarpoides ascalaphoides is a widespread Afrotropical species, which has a string of relict populations in Algeria, Libya and Egypt in coastal wetlands and Saharan oases. Libyan populations are probably extinct but the species is still present in Algeria. There is only one record from Egypt after 1990 but information on this country is scarce and A. p. ascalaphoides might be more common than records suggest.

Die Graue Nadel, Acisoma panarpoides ascalaphoides Rambur 1842, ist eine in Afrika über Südasien bis Südost-Asien verbreitete Art, die sowohl küstennahe Feuchtgebiete als auch Oasen in der Sahara bewohnt.


Lac de Baringo = Baringosee, Kenia Foto: © Alain Cochet.  



Boudot J.-P., V. J. Kalkman, M. Amorín, T. Bogdanović, A. Rivera,G. Degabriele, J.L. Dommanget, S. Ferreira, B. Garrigós, M. Jović, M. Kotarac, W. Lopau, M. Marinov, N. Mihoković, E. Riservato, B. Samraoui & W. Schneider 2009: Atlas of the Odonata of the Mediterranean and North Africa. – Libellula Supplement  9:1-256.


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